A true understanding of people drives the way we create and impact technology.

People First, Technology Second

We understand exceptionally designed technology is more than the result of brilliant engineering. When we value how technology is used by each and everyone one of us—and how the people who build it work—we ultimately open the doors to impact our everyday experiences.


Putting people first means making diversity a priority. We understand that professionals have varying relationships with technology. That’s why our employee base is comprised of 50% women and 10% underrepresented minorities. This balance generates fresh perspectives, better ideas, and unique solutions for our clients while fostering stronger connections between people of every background. The positive results that diversity brings are tangible, making CorSource the successful firm it is today. Click here to learn more.

The Fusion of Humans and Technology

Technology brings the world together and provides unimaginable solutions but not on its own. Our consulting, development and staff augmentation harness the power to amplify human skill and intelligence.

We Can Shape the Future Together

With leading insights we take organic, creative approaches to working with people holistically to impact how technology shapes us.

When we say “Tech Solutions… For Humans by Humans” we mean it. Everything we do is centered around people’s potential to use technology for greatness, not letting the technology we created exceed us.

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