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CorSource searches are always client-specific and based on a commitment to truly understand the needs of each position. The full lifecycle of the recruitment and onboarding process is expertly handled by our recruiting team, with every candidate evaluated and interviewed before they are presented to the client. Once a candidate has been selected, we conduct all pre-screening, onboarding, and new hire orientation. Throughout the process, lines of communication are maintained between the client and the candidate. CorSource has access to a deep bench of experts for the following positions:

Technology staffing solutions that offer a unique mix of workforce options

When businesses like yours need help addressing workforce changes, they turn to the CorSource Staffing Lifecycle Management approach. We offer a unique mix of workforce options, including in-house and outside resources that help us meet highly fluid business requirements. It aims to provide a rapid and sustainable means to access technology staffing, recruiting, and contract services. Our clients have benefited from our staffing solutions in a number of ways, including:

  • 75% interview-to-hire success ratio
  • 24 to 36 hours to provide a qualified candidate
  • 2 weeks or less to assemble a complete team, which can scale up or down

Solving various needs through technology staffing

Effective technology staffing solutions should solve various needs, from one-time projects to long-term staff augmentation. We use a flexible engagement model to address a variety of timeline and budget constraints, including:

  • Local and distributed staffing augmentation
  • Contract and contract-to-hire
  • Recruiting and direct-hire
  • Recruiting as a service
  • Interim team as a service

Case Study | Leveraging Staffing and Consulting

See how CorSource used their staffing and consulting expertise to recruit senior security professionals.

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